Independent Media and Investigative Journalism

The objective of AmaBhungane is to develop best practise in the field of investigative journalism, by producing investigative stories that are accurate and fair, advance methods and standards, expose wrongdoing and empower people to hold power to account.  In addition, AmaBhungane provides investigations support by helping others in the media via training, editorial collaborations and organisational support.  Furthermore, AmaBhungane is involved in advocacy where they lobby, campaign, exercise laws and litigate to help secure information rights – access to information and media freedoms. For more information refer to



Daily Maverick is a South African daily online newspaper founded in 2009 and is run by an independently owned private company. The mission of Daily Maverick is to defend truth in a time when it is under attack from all sides. They aim to cover the most important issues in South Africa in a way that helps readers to form better opinions and to inspire action from the public and authorities with their work. For more information refer to


GroundUp is an independent online news agency reporting news that is in the public interest, with an emphasis on the human rights of vulnerable communities.  For more information refer to

It is a project administrated by the Department of Journalism at the University of Witwatersrand and aims to provide South African journalists with the time, resources and mentorship to do more public service, long term investigative work which generates public debate and highlights issues of poor governance in the state and corporate sectors.

The Shared Service Centre for Investigative Journalism was established to support investigative journalism in the SADC region.  The objectives are to de-risk, promote and raise philanthropic funding for a portfolio of investigative journalism centres spread across the SADC region; and to offer capacity-building and direct support at organisational/administrative and editorial levels to the centres. For more information refer to

PoliticsWeb sends a daily newsletter to subscribers, with comment and opinion sent in by contributors, as well as a detailed daily record of the political news stories and the key political statements, speeches, judgements and documents of the day. For more information refer to

Viewfinder is an accountability journalism project doing long term investigations into abuses of power which impact on the public interest – specifically as it relates to the need for equality and redress. For more information refer to