Millennium Trust

Katherine Glenday

Artist Katherine Glenday’s vessels are masterful expressions that capture light, movement, water, earth and sound. Remarkable in their translucency and luminosity, the porcelain vessel has been Katherine’s central voice for more than twenty five years. Her award-winning creations have found their way into most major art collections in South Africa as well as having been exhibited abroad and recently were included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Art and Design in New York.

Katherine describes her work as ‘living in the spaces between silence and chaos’. Technical virtuosity governs her ability to subtly manipulate and collaborate with her medium. The resulting pieces embody the moment when a balance was struck, somewhere between control and surrender. They evoke Katherine’s enduring pursuit of a quality of silence, strength and poise, whilst being simultaneously astoundingly fragile and tenuous, caught before the moment of collapse.

For many years Katherine has also worked on extending this personal creative dialogue in her own production into a collective experience, through curation, mentoring and collaboration. To this end, Katherine opened up her newly renovated studio space, The Forge, in Kalk Bay in 2007. Originally a blacksmiths at the turn of the last century, today Katherine shares it as a site for encouraging and forging connections between people. "Creativity, communion and community provide fire for the heart’s furnace. The Forge is a space making place. It is a listening place… It’s founding impulse is to do with a broader sense of human currency".

In addition to being the studio space in which she produces her own ceramic work and fosters on-going collaborations with other artists, The Forge now also plays host to a range of classes, workshops and the occasional music performance.

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