Gun Free South Africa (GFSA)

GFSA objectives are to reduce gun violence in South Africa through public advocacy, education, awareness and community mobilisation. A central feature of GFSA’s approach to affecting change is a dual strategy of grassroots mobilisation and influencing public policy at the institutional level. GFSA adopts an evidence-based approach to inform their policy interventions, with a particular focus on influencing systemic change, such as strengthening legislation or improving weapons and ammunition management systems. However, this kind of systemic change requires pressure from below through grassroots community mobilisation, in which communities organise at the local level to reduce gun violence and engage the state at both local and national level to reduce gun violence. Media advocacy is central to GFSA’s strategy, helping shape public discourse on how best to reduce gun violence, raising awareness on the risks of guns, and mobilising communities against gun violence.

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