Aims & Guidelines



The broad aim of Millennium Trust is to make South Africa a successful country to live in. The Trust undertakes own projects or support projects, people, as well as organisations that realise the aims of the trust.




In our philanthropic activities, we do not emphasise charitable projects, but rather focus on bringing about change through development.  We respect the independence of beneficiaries and encourage them towards financial sustainability, rather than continued dependence.


Millennium Trust wants to contribute towards addressing the more important problem areas in South Africa – like unemployment, education, political freedom and social cohesion.  We support innovative, intriguing and promising new solutions to these problems. We have a bias towards projects that can be scaled up with measurable impact.  We would like to serve as a think-tank in the current debates in South Africa, but our contribution should mainly be through projects and actions that implement new and interesting ideas.


Millennium Trust further wants to recognise the contribution of people and organisations, especially in the public sector, that deliver outstanding service to South Africa.  Therefore, we mostly work in collaboration with partners and do not aspire towards building a brand or public profile for the trust itself.


We invite you to share your ideas on making SA a successful country to live in and to partner us by putting some of the most promising ideas into action!